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6 hours & 9256 km away

Installation + Sound art


LEUNG Wing Yin, Jenny

Bachelor of Arts in Creative Media

Instagram : stop.jenny
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How far away is your loved one from you? Stranded in different continents, thousands of miles away with virtually all travel plans halted indefinitely, there is no way to know when we can see each other again.

6 hours and 9256 km away is a collaborative work between me and my boyfriend, who is, you guessed it, 9256 kilometers away from me. In a period of one month, we exchange daily soundscapes recorded from our own distinctive environments, and we share the audio with our Devil’s Ivy plants on loop for several hours a day. On one hand, it is an experiment on whether plants would thrive better under the sounds from an entirely different location; on the other, the soundscapes bridge the geographical gap between us and bring us close to one another.

The work also includes many personal moments that we share — from conversations to the plants we used to own together, and the illustrations I routinely make of him when I see him in the morning through video calls. I want to tell the story of a long-distance couple, and viewers are invited to be my listeners.

While the subject might seem heavy and perhaps depressing, plants are full of life and Devil’s Ivy in particular, flourishes under any tough conditions.