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Bedtime Story: Beyond The Fence



LAU Chun Chun, Judy

Bachelor of Arts in Creative Media

Phone number : 9608 3102
Instagram : konrui_cc
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When we were a child, how many of us have tried counting sheep in order to fall asleep? I had tried once but failed. As I started to count, I could picture the sheep keeps on jumping, I was so afraid of this endless loop and stopped this method. When I grew up, the repeated and boring life that I had reminded me of the counting sheep experience at that time.

Imagining what if the counting sheep has its own emotion or thoughts, would he feel tired of the repeated life and wanted to get rid of his pathetic fate?

Linking the animation story back to reality, there were lots of things that we cannot take control of. Despite the fact that there were many things we were forced to do, we still have options and choices in life. Would you choose to stay in your comfort zone or break through the dilemma, the shackles, and make new changes, just like the sheep?