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Bounce Adventure

Interactive Media

The Awardee of Louis Koo Creative Media Awards 2020/21

徐建安 / 鄭庭欣

TSUI Kin On / CHENG Ting Yan

Bachelor of Science in Creative Media

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彈珠台是一種非常經典的遊戲。現今市場上也有不少類似彈珠的遊戲,但他們都保持了傳統彈珠台的遊戲方式,而這種遊戲方式未必能吸引現時的年輕玩家。通過一些資料蒐集,我們有了將彈珠台混合其他遊戲元素的想法,讓整個遊戲方式更吸引年輕玩家,甚至引起老玩家的共鳴。我們將彈珠台與 RPG的元素結合,製作成3D遊戲。遊戲的主角可以像彈珠一樣在場上彈來彈去,並探索這個奇幻世界。遊戲設有任務、NPC、敵人及道具給玩家作出互動,讓玩家享受到不一樣的彈珠遊戲體驗。

Pinball is a very classic game. Although there are some pinball games in the market, published in various platforms. They maintain a similar game play method of the traditional game. The way how pinball game plays in the old days may not be attractive to the young people nowadays. We then came to an idea where we mix pinball game with other game elements, allowing it to be more captivating to young players or even bringing back the old players. We combine this old classic game with RPG elements and make it into a 3D game. There are missions, NPCs, enemies and interactable props. Without metallic components or plastic flippers, “Bounce Adventure” brings a different and unique pinball game experience to players.