Fictional Filmmaking


CHAN On Sang, Anns

Bachelor of Arts in Creative Media

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翹,一位動作演員,初出茅廬少有成績,對工作充滿熱誠及要求。一次工作過程中意外受傷, 恢復過程不如自己所想般理想,生活頓時被打亂,面對着未知的狀態,跌入了自我懷疑和受 挫折的谷底。同時有一直叫她回來接手茶餐廳的雙親,在夢想與現實之間會如何取捨或平衡? 這是導演對自己喜愛的地方,人與事,一個心理狀態的紀錄。

Kiu, a stuntman, has few achievements in her career and is full of enthusiasm and profession for her work. An accidental injury occurred during work, and the recovery process was not as ideal as she thought. Her life was suddenly disrupted. Facing the unknown future, she fell into self-doubt and go through frustration. At the same time, her parents have been asking her back to take over the restaurant. How will she choose or balance between dreams and reality? This is a record of the director’s favorite hometown, people, and mental state.