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Fictional Filmmaking


CHAN Yin Hang

Bachelor of Science in Creative Media

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短片包含了3D動畫、motion graphic和Virtual production等元素。拍攝採用了較創新的手法,使用了Unreal Engine製作3D場景,拍攝時用螢幕在演員身後播放,代替了綠幕背景。


“Kamen Rider Duo” is an original superhero-action movie that tribute to the Japanese Tokusatsu Kamen rider series. It is a 3 minutes trailer of the movie.

The main concept is surrounded with the camera film, including character design, props, special effects. Also, the main character use the roll of film with super-natural power to transform to the Superhero.

The story is about the conflicts between human, the bad guys find out the film fragments with the super-natural power for their own desire and destroying the world, and the superhero is going to stop their evil plans and save the world.

The movie included 3D animation, motion graphic and virtual production. Using Unreal Engine to build a 3D modeling scene as the background, projecting behind the actor while shooting. It is more innovative and efficient than the green-screen and the other post-production.