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Fill the Hole



CHOW Hok Yin

Bachelor of Arts in Creative Media

Phone number : 9710 7710
Instagram : ___22__chyin
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“Fill the Hole” is a 3-minute 3D animation work. It is my very first time making this work all by myself, from modelling the characters to compositing the video. There is a saying in Chinese: 「每個人心中都有一個「白月光 」」The process of finding the loved one in your life is not always easy. Some of them may get rejected by the one they love the most in their life. Therefore, a hole is then left in their heart. They may want to find someone similar to fill the hole and emptiness. Even though they get older and married to someone else, there is still a sense of emptiness in their heart because of the relationship with that person. In the story, Enoch was once rejected by “the one” and a hole was then created. He tried so many methods to find a similar girl to fill the hole. However, he failed again. When he thought that there was no more hope, a light suddenly appeared…