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FUNG Long Hang Joshua

Bachelor of Arts in Creative Media

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What is maturity? I asked myself this question when my crush said she is more into mature men (not middle-aged uncles, but like young adults). Granted I was younger than her, so I understand why she wouldn’t choose me, but when I see friends around the same age as me, they can also seem mature, some have academic achievements, some developed a career path, and some have a superb social life, it was not about age. So why are they considered more mature? That is when the idea starts to form.

I was struggling spiritually these few years. At this point in teenagers/ young adults’ life, you start to worry about your future, and seeing friends around setting foot on their future creates pressure. I keep comparing myself to them, I am constantly having self-doubt and low self-esteem. I saw those acts from my peers as mature.

This short film is based on my personal story. My long-time friends and I are like the characters in this film, exploring our identity, dealing with life obstacles, and figuring out what our maturity is. When I was constructing this story, I unfolded moments of my life, moments that I grew and matured in my unique way. In a way, this project is therapeutic for me.

I hope audiences watching this short film can also reflect on their own life, may they find out moments that shape them into who they are today.

Flow - a narrative short film by Josh Fung Long Hang.