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The Awardee of Louis Koo Creative Media Awards 2020/21


YIU Lok Man, Natasha

Bachelor of Arts in Creative Media

Instagram : flow_the_animation
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‘What if we’ve made a different choice?’
‘Is fate scripted long before birth?’
‘Do we really have control over our lives?’
‘Where do I come from and Where am I going?’

Life seems to be a mix of decisions we make everyday, and most of us may believe that we are in power of our choices. But do we really have control?

‘Flow’ is a 2D experimental animation created to explore the boundaries between figurative and abstract narratives. Inspired by the resemblance between the experience of growth and the dynamics of water, ’Flow’ captures the emotions in the journey of growth.

This animated film is dedicated to all the souls that are struggling to find their ways in darkness.

Embrace the current and enjoy the flow.