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Interactive Media + animation

The Awardee of Louis Koo Creative Media Awards 2020/21


LAM Wing Sze, WONG Chuk Kwan

(GroupName: GULUGULU)

Bachelor of Science in Creative Media

Phone number : 6352 9038
Instagram : Lamwingszek
Twitter : c+c=cc@Lamwingszek
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Phone number : 6625 9198
Instagram : bonnie_pencil
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Spark 是一個互動式的動畫。觀眾可以透過手機應用程式觀看。Spark 是一個關於機器狗萊卡和它最好的朋友介史普尼克博士之間承諾的故事。 他們乘上飛船,開始尋找夢想的煙花的旅程。觀眾除了看動畫,還需要透過與手機不同的互動,來推動故事的進行。 觀眾可以通過觸碰螢幕、吹氣和拼圖等與故事互動。

An experimental animation which consists of animation and interaction. Users can do the interaction to join the storyline. They can put in their feelings in the animation. The animation has mixed the 2D and 3D elements together. We used Clips Studio to draw the 2D characters and use Maya 3D to build the models. For the interaction we used Unity to develop the app. This is a story about the promise between a loyal robot dog, Laika and his best friend, Sputnik. They get on a ride and start the journey of finding their dream fireworks.