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Liminality & The Full Stop That Never Came

Documentation Arts

Briar Faith Paez Monsod, Faith

Bachelor of Arts in Creative Media

Instagram : uhfaith
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The topic of my experimental video is liminal identity and the experiences that come under this underrepresented category of being. The developments of contemporary discussions of identity has given rise to a plethora of individualities, allowing them to step into the world through new vernaculars in language. The intrigue for me, however, is the spaces in between these identities; the sect of people who do not align with the binaries of ‘this or that’. The heart of the video lies precisely in the purgatory of knowing who you are, somewhere between being certain and rethinking every thread in the fabric of your being. This piece challenges and dissects the mirage of personal identity, allowing it to dissolve amidst the sea of media and language.