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Bachelor of Arts in Creative Media

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這次作品,我想利用指定的地點去探討時間流逝,感受歷史循環不息,我亦投放了對現在香 港的情感於其中,感覺既熟悉又陌生。對我來說,香港就像即將逝去的生命,將不復存在, 所以我希望為這個地方作一次「禮儀師」,替這個地方舉行一次葬禮,為香港重新化妝打理, 重現昔日光彩讓人瞻仰,讓愛這個地方的人透過這最後一面,好好緬懷往昔的一切。

我選擇了白加道山頂纜車站作為展現香港的地點,因為它是其中一個歷史悠久但現在亦保留 著當年面貌的地方。所以在這個空間可以利用相片去製造跨越不同年代的畫面,一起回顧香 港曾有的面貌。

In this project, I would like to use a specific location to explore time passing and the endless loop of history. Moreover, I put my feeling in Hong Kong into this artwork, which feels both familiar and unfamiliar. To me, Hong Kong looks like a dying old man that will disappear soon. Therefore, I want to become an “Etiquette” to hold a funeral for this place, by recreating different years of Hong Kong to take photography. Let those people who love this place farewell and look back to this place.

I choose Barker Road Station to represent Hong Kong since it is one of the places with a long history but still retains its original appearance. Therefore, in this space, photography can be used to create pictures from different eras. Also, look back on the different faces of Hong Kong.